Important: You must be a student at the University of Liverpool to use this service.

Registration is easy.

Go to

Click on Register and fill out the form.

We will check your details and send you an email when you have been approved. 

Once your registration has been approved by library staff you will be able to buy and sell books.

Please note that if you want to sell books you will need a PayPal.Me account.

Important: If you are selling books you need to have a PayPal.Me account and have the address on your account on Pass the Book. 

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to My Account
  • Click Add Item
  • Complete the form
  • Add a price for the book. 

If the book is a donation add the price as 0.00


You will need to print a coversheet for each item.

  • Click on Books You are Selling
  • In the drop down Options for the Item is a link to the Cover Sheet
  • You can also change the price, condition or comments at this stage.
  • Save and Print the Cover sheet for each item.
  • Bring the book and its coversheet to the library and hand them in at the help desk during staffed hours.

We will check the details match the book and make it live on the site.

Your book will only appear on the site once it has been handed to us and checked.

You will get an email as soon as the book is verified and is live.

When your book is sold you will get an email. 

We will only release your book if the buyer has a PayPal receipt for the book. 

If your book does not sell you can edit the price, either reducing it or making 0.00 and giving it away as a donation. 

  • Search for the book by title/author etc
  • Select the book from the search results.
  • Select the Item you want and click Add to Wishlist

The book will stay on your wish list for 24 hours if you do not proceed with the transaction it will be cancelled and returned to the site for sale.

  • Click on Wishlist

All the books you are interested in are listed here.

  • Choose which ones you want to buy and click Add to Buy List

You can also remove items you are no longer interested in.

  • On My Account click Books You are Buying

You need to tell us when and where you want to collect the book.

  • Pick the item and click Schedule Collection

You will get an email with the collection date and location.

Note: next day collection is not possible.

You can only collect your books during staffed hours at the help desk.

Help desk opening hours are available on the website.

You will need proof of purchase to collect the book. Bring a printed copy of your PayPal receipt. 

The University is offering this service as a repository arrangement only whereby buyers and sellers of books are able to transact their sale or purchase according to the description provided by the seller. 

The University will record receipts and supply books but does not accept any liability for the quality or condition of any book deposited with University for sale. 

All payment transactions are between buyer and seller and the University accepts no liability for any non-payment by the buyer. 

This service is for students of the University of Liverpool only. 

We reserve the right to remove any books from sale. 

We reserve the right to remove any user from the site.